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What are the leading causes of motorcycle collisions?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Personal Injury

Motorcycles are popular everywhere, and they are a relatively common sight on the roads throughout Hawaii. Affordability, maneuverability and climates all influence the popularity of motorcycle use in Hawaii. Many residents own motorcycles, and many tourists arrange to rent them while staying on the islands.

Unfortunately, more motorcycles means greater potential for a motorcycle collision. When motorcycles crash with larger vehicles, the situation can lead to severe injuries or even death for the motorcycle rider. Those who plan to ride while visiting Hawaii or who live in the state and ride regularly may benefit from a brief refresher on the leading causes of motorcycle crashes.

Other drivers

Motorcycle riders are often very cautious on the road because of how much risk comes with their preferred form of transportation. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders must share the road with others who don’t necessarily worry as much about their safety.

Those in bigger vehicles are a serious safety concern for motorcycle riders, as they often fail to watch for motorcycles and might therefore fail to notice them in traffic. Inattentional blindness or the failure to notice a motorcycle nearby despite it being in plain sight is one of the top-reported factors that contribute to motorcycle collisions. Those who are unfamiliar with motorcycles are also a risk to other riders on the road. People who rent motorcycles while on vacation may be more likely to make mistakes than those who regularly ride.

Rider errors

Motorcycle riders can make numerous mistakes that endanger their safety. Those mistakes include speeding, drinking before getting on a motorcycle or sometimes even distracted riding. Riding when visibility is poor or roads are particularly slick can also increase someone’s risk of a crash. Motorcyclists should do their best to maintain their vehicles in optimal condition and to consistently monitor their surroundings for signs of danger.

When a crash does occur, a motorcycle rider may need to know their rights under Hawaii state law. An injured motorcycle rider may have the option of filing an insurance claim or possibly even a personal injury lawsuit against the person who caused the crash that injured them.