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Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents often cause extensive physical harm, emotional suffering and more.

Choosing the right motor vehicle accident attorneys is crucial when you are seeking the compensation you deserve.

Since 1980, the award-winning The Law Office of Robert Marx has successfully fought for victims in Hilo, Hawaii, and across the Big Island.

How Can Our Car Accident Lawyers Help?

Hawaii is a “no-fault” state, meaning the negligent party’s insurance company is responsible for compensating physical injuries up to a certain limit. While this sounds straightforward, insurance companies often seek to deny your injuries and minimize compensation.

Our law firm fights for Hilo clients by seeking maximum compensation from insurance companies and filing lawsuits against drivers themselves for property damages and serious injuries. Our personal injury attorneys represent car accident victims by:

Reviewing The Car Accident

We promptly collect and preserve crucial evidence such as police reports, photos of the accident scene, witness statements, medical records and driving records. Our decades of practice give us a deep understanding of what evidence we need and how to obtain it.

Designing Your Case

Explaining what exactly occurred in a car accident can be very complex. Our Hilo personal injury attorneys have developed an extensive network of local professionals that we count on to analyze car accidents. Their work helps our lawyers persuade insurance companies and the courts that our clients deserve the most compensation possible.

Fighting Insurance Companies

Our lawyers have a deep familiarity with insurance company tactics and how to combat them. Robert Marx has protected Hawaii’s rights since 1980 and knows when a car accident claim is being undervalued. When the compensation available within the personal injury protection benefits limit is not sufficient, we file and fight the necessary lawsuits.

Proving Fault

Hawaii is a comparative negligence state. This means you can receive damages for an accident even if you were partially responsible, as long as the other party was responsible for more than 50% of the accident.

Your award will be lowered if you are deemed in any way at fault against the other driver. For instance, if the court finds you 20% at fault against the other driver, your award will be lowered by 20%. Robert Marx and Hannah McKee are lawyers who pride themselves on protecting their clients from false blame for vehicular accidents.

Our car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means our Big Island clients don’t have to pay us a cent unless we win their case.

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Act Now Before The Two-Year Deadline

Hawaii’s statute of limitations imposes a two-year deadline for filing a car accident lawsuit with the courts. Contact our car accident attorneys to get the process started now.

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When seeking the compensation you and your family deserve, it pays to go with a team that has repeatedly earned great recognition. Three times, Hawaii Tribune-Herald readers voted attorney Robert Marx as the “Best Attorney” in East Hawaii. His Hilo office has also been named “Best Law Office” on the Big Island.

We work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t owe our firm anything unless we win your case. It costs nothing to give our award-winning law firm a call to request a free consultation with our car accident lawyers.


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The car accident lawyers at The Law Office of Robert Marx are proud to protect the people of the Big Island.

We Handle All Kinds Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our car accident attorneys help clients in Hilo and across the Big Island file car accident claims with insurance companies, bring a case to court if necessary, and secure fair compensation for the following accidents:

Auto Accidents

Standard auto accidents are car accidents between two or more motor vehicles involved in a collision. It is important to seek medical attention and speak to our attorney, even if your harm seems minor, since many auto accident injuries are slow to develop.

Truck (Big Rig) Accidents

While crashes with standard pickup trucks are considered auto accidents, 18-wheelers, dump trucks and cement trucks are classified as truck accidents. Semis and other large motor vehicles can cause devastating injuries that cannot be covered by insurance company limits. Our attorneys can file the personal injury lawsuits necessary to achieve proper compensation.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial vehicles are automobiles that transport people or products for a business. These vehicles include buses, tractors-trailers and delivery vehicles. Our law firm knows how to prove that commercial vehicle drivers and their employers neglected critical laws, thereby causing your injury.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face a greater risk of experiencing a serious and even fatal crash than traditional drivers. They are also often stigmatized and blamed for their accidents. Our law firm stands up to unfair blame and fights for Hawaii motorcyclists’ rights.

Pedestrian Accidents

Similar to motorcyclists, pedestrians are often blamed for the grave injuries they suffer during auto accidents. We know how to prove that an injured pedestrian was a victim and not the cause of a motor vehicle accident.

We Fight for Victims With Serious Injuries Sustained During Motor Vehicle Accidents

Attorney Marx was lead counsel in a record-setting auto accident verdict of $5,630,000. Clients from all over the Big Island come to our attorney because they trust he can successfully fight for maximum compensation following devastating injuries like:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is known to cause enormous, long-lasting harm that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Our team has an extensive track record of proving traumatic brain injuries in court.

Detrimental Injuries And Amputations

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to loss of bodily function, loss of limbs, permanent scarring and physical deformities. We know how to properly value these losses and seek the right restitution.

Wrongful Death

Money can never make up for the tragic death of a loved one. But our accident attorneys can handle a wrongful death lawsuit to help you secure the compensation you need to move forward.

Many Hilo Residents Suffer From Tragic Car Accidents

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) reports 94 traffic-related deaths on Hawaii roads in 2021.

The Law Office of Robert Marx

Robert Marx and our team of personal injury attorneys provide dedicated legal representation to clients in Hilo and throughout the Big Island. Some of our honors and affiliations include:

  • Voted “Best Attorney” in East Hawaii by Hawaii Tribune-Herald readers
  • Voted “Best Law Office” in East Hawaii in 2004 and 2005
  • Member of the American Association for Justice
  • Member of the Consumer Lawyers of Hawaii
  • Hawaii Association for Justice

You can request a free consultation with our lawyers by sending us a message or by calling 808-935-8988.