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Car Accident Client

My name is Robert Lindstrom. I live in Pahoa, Hawaii. Recently I was in a very bad car accident that was completely the other person’s fault and I suffered major injuries and had surgeries and rehabilitation at quite an expense. I contacted Robert Marx’s office and they said to come right in and talk to them because they felt they could help me recover some of my expenses. Mr. Marx and his team at Marx’s law did an amazing job of getting to every little detail about the accident, about the other drivers and about my injuries and they were able to see me very quickly in their office. They were able to contact my insurance company and the other person’s insurance company and with their highly professional team, were able to write up the papers necessary to get a quick and complete recovery of all the insurance money that I was due and they did it in a very short amount of time and I believe that was because of their great team effort. The Marx team contacted with me often and kept me up-to-date on my case all of the time they were working on it. I would never use another attorneys office and I would highly recommend that you use Marx Law office.

Hilo Client

Excellent attorney. Always looking out for your best interests. Really cares about his clients and keeps their best interests in mind.
– A Hilo Client