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In Kona and Hilo, contact Hawaii wrongful death attorney Robert Marx for help putting the pieces back together.

Kona, Hawaii Wrongful Death Attorney Robert Marx is on Your Side

Attorney Robert Marx understands what it takes to obtain a suitable settlement for the survivors in a wrongful death case. The Law Offices of Robert Marx in Hilo and Kona, Hawaii, has represented wrongful death claims for many years. Our attorney is, as a result, considered a top personal injury lawyer in the Hilo and Kona area, helping families of victims recover money for their pain and suffering - and receive financial compensation for lost wages, lost benefits, and the unexpected expenses of medical and funeral costs.

When such a tragedy strikes your family, it is important to choose a law firm that makes you feel comfortable throughout the proceedings. Having served Hawaii for more than 25 years, our wrongful death attorney is more than just an extremely skilled personal injury lawyer. The Hilo and Kona clients who have brought him their wrongful death claims also praise the attorney for his compassion and his ability to professionally guide them through the extremely difficult period following the death of a loved one.

If an auto accident, construction site tragedy, defective drug, or any other negligent act has claimed the life of a loved one, contact personal injury lawyer Robert Marx in Hilo and Kona for comprehensive legal guidance. Common causes of wrongful death include the following categories.

Construction Site Injuries

Defective equipment, poor safety management, or an employer's neglect of safety conditions can result in wrongful death on the job site. Survivors are encouraged to get professional legal representation to ensure proper compensation for their tragic loss. This is particularly true because the laws regarding workers' compensation and construction site injuries are in a constant state of flux, with additions and changes that only a trained wrongful death attorney could stay on top of.

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Nursing Home Abuse

The decision to place an older family member in a nursing home can be traumatic enough. The decision takes on even more unpleasant undertones in light of findings such as a congressional report noting that 5,283 of the nursing homes in the U.S. (which amounts to over 30 percent of them) were cited for an abuse violation between January 1999 and January 2001. As a large portion of the population grows older and lives longer, our understaffed nursing homes are beginning to lower their standards for hiring qualified staff. Our Hawaii wrongful death attorney has helped families faced with the worst possible result of this tragic trend in healthcare – the death of a defenseless loved one. If you believe an elderly family member suffered wrongful death in a nursing home, contact The Law Offices of Robert Marx immediately.

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Medical Malpractice

Any type of medical staff can be held liable for medical malpractice and medical negligence – especially when their professional shortcomings result in wrongful death. A successful medical malpractice claim allows the survivors of wrongful death victims to recover financial losses and damages. It also gives our community a chance to address recurring problems in the healthcare industry. However, medical malpractice law is filled with restrictions and guidelines that must be followed before a person can even file a claim successfully.

If you believe you have received negligent care by a Hawaii medical professional, contact wrongful death attorney Robert Marx, or visit our medical malpractice page for more information.

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