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For personal injury claims and other legal matters, Hawaii attorney Robert Marx provides the Big Island with expert council.

Attorney Robert Marx – Helping People with Personal Injury Claims – Big Island , Hawaii

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We have an impressive track record handling personal injury claims on the Big Island, Hawaii. See for yourself how The Law Offices of Robert Marx takes legal representation to a new level.

About Personal Injury Lawyer Robert Marx

Our personal injury attorney on the Big Island is committed to justice. Find out how his vast experience and diligent representation could help win your case.

About Robert Marx: Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney on the Big Island

With a deep background in handling auto accident cases, our personal injury attorney has been instrumental in many Big Island settlements. His trademark hard work and commitment to justice could help your case, too.

Handling personal injury claims – hawaii Attorney Robert Marx

Offering help and guidance to Hawaii residents suffering from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other personal injury issues.

Defective Products Attorney

Providing topnotch litigation services in Hawaii, Robert Marx has brought many defective products cases to justice. With attorney offices in Hilo and Kona, he's eager to explore your legal options with you.

Car and Auto Accident Lawyer Robert Marx

Representing the citizens of Hilo and Kona (Hawaii) who have been involved in serious car wrecks, our auto accident lawyer approaches each case with compassion and diligence. Learn more about this branch of our practice.

Medical Negligence and Malpractice Attorney

Lawyer Robert Marx's medical malpractice and negligence clients get excellent attorney representation. Our clients are amazed at what we are able to achieve.

Information on Wrongful Death Lawsuits from Attorney Robert Marx

Having seen many personal injury claims through the Hawaii legal system, Robert Marx will help you find justice, too. Learn more about personal injury categories and how our attorney on the Big Island approaches each type.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Lawsuits in Hawaii

We provide answers to some frequently asked questions about personal injury claims in Hawaii. Plus, you'll learn about medical malpractice, serious car accidents, and other legal issues that could seriously impact your life.

Hawaii Auto Accident Lawyer Robert Marx Presents Some Case Studies

Robert Marx has a long history of handling personal injury claims in Hawaii. Read about some of his success stories here.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorney, Winning Lawsuits on the Big Island of Hawaii for Over 25 Years

For personal injury claims, contact Hawaii attorney Robert Marx on the Big Island.

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