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If you live in Hilo, Kona, or surrounding areas and are involved in a car accident, contact Hawaii auto accident lawyer Robert Marx today for a review of your potential claim.

In Hilo and Kona, Hawaii - Car/ Auto Accident Lawyer Robert Marx

Millions of car accidents occur every year in the United States. Hawaii is not immune to this trend, as auto accident lawyer Robert Marx has found in his experience representing Hilo and Kona car accident victims. As their lawyer, he is committed to investigating his clients' cases immediately, thus protecting all of their recovery rights allowed by law. Depending on the conditions and severity of the accident, the disastrous results could range from spinal cord injury to traumatic brain injury to wrongful death.

We are here to help you during the crucial beginning stages of your case, promptly collecting and preserving evidence such as police reports, photos of the accident scene, witness statements, medical records, and driving records. In Hawaii, a serious auto accident (like the ones handled by lawyer Robert Marx) calls for immediate investigation. The goal is to preserve evidence, which can be lost or destroyed when the accident scene is altered over time. Still, before you even contact our Hawaii auto accident lawyer, your attention to detail at the scene of the accident could help your case immensely. You will want to record as many details as you can (because tracking down this same information after the fact could prove challenging).

However, in the case of a serious car accident, it is likely that you will be unable to collect important information that can be used to help your case. That's why our legal staff in Hilo and Kona rely on expert car accident reconstructionists to help our lawyer investigate the case as quickly as possible. With their help, and by using information collected at the scene of your accident, we can build a strong case for you. Robert Marx puts his experience, knowledge, and resources to work as he handles claims against trucking companies, drunk drivers, and uninsured/underinsured motorists (as defined by Hawaii's recently revised motor vehicle insurance law that combines no-fault and tort-based provisions). An experienced auto accident lawyer, he understands that injured people incur so much more than medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. Victims seek the counsel of our lawyer because their injuries affect their daily life and family relationships as well.

If you have been injured – seriously or otherwise – in a car accident or semi-truck wreck, contacting a lawyer as soon as possible will ensure that your rights are preserved. The Law Offices of Robert Marx in Hilo and Kona has represented many car accident victims, and our experienced lawyer would be honored to discuss your case with you. Please contact us for help with your case.